Project Description

ARDITEC Association has supported several missions with the objective of evaluating the environmental impacts of innovative technologies under development (low TRL), following the ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment LCA methodology.

LCA allows quantitative assessment of environmental impacts of a product or a service. LCA looks at a product’s entire life cycle from the extraction of raw materials (cradle) to the product’s disposal (grave). It takes into account all energy, materials and emissions related to the production, use and disposal of a product.

Additionally, LCA allows to perform a analytical comparison against existing alternatives, in order to outline environmental advantages, or identify hotspots.

Our experience in the assessment of waste valorisation solutions includes :

  • Fuel production from olive industry waste
  • Biowaste valorisation biorefinery for production of high quality products
  • Aquaculture & Agriculture biomass to produce nutrients and functional compounds
  • Recycling of polymer and raw materials from WEEE
  • Food waste valorisation into appropriate bulk feed.
  • Agricultural waste biorefinery for alternative sources of protein & phenolic product streams
  • Transforming urban & agricultural residues into high performance materials for the construction sector
  • Industrial feather waste valorisation for keratin-based materials
  • Valuable products from algae using magnetic cultivation & innovative extraction techniques